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As attractive as the Japanese market can be for businesses, it can be a difficult endeavour.
Due to the distinct culture, languages and unwritten rules of conduct, you may need a native to guide you through the process. What that means, however, is that the only barrier is really that, having native knowledge of Japan. adish based on our mission of creating a “Delight in Every Connection”, provides services to make the best possible communication real. From customer support to community management; we know Japanese users.
With our past clients and the expert knowledge we have built up these past years, we are sure to be able to help you achieve customer in Japan.

Customer Support

We can provide the customer support that is needed to expand your business in Japan. adish has an experience of supporting over 1,000 apps and web services both within and outside of Japan.
Whether mail, chat, or phone - we’ve got you covered with the most efficient, and best quality support available in Japan.

Service Details

Plans Dedicated team, Shared teams, Supervisors, Operators
Channels Phone, Email, Chat, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Instagram) and more
Languages Japanese English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and more
Platforms AppStore, GooglePlay, amazon, Steam, GREE, mobage, Yahoo!mobage, mixi, PC, consoles and more
Tools TechnomarkMail, MatchContactSolutions, RightNow, MailDealer, MailWise, Zendesk, HelpShift and more
Redmine, Jira, Porto (adish original tool) and more
Chat Tools Slack, Chatwork, Skype and more

Social Media

In this day and age, social media is one of the most important channels of communications between businesses and users.
At adish, we are able to provide management of business accounts; from creating, posting contents, curating comments and providing consultation. Allow us to use our knowledge of the Japanese market to use social media as an efficient means of reaching out to users, increasing engagement, branding and marketing.

Service Details

Platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LINE, LinkedIn and more
Research Social media case studies, Trend research
Monitoring We can monitor all posts or comments made on your social media, hiding or reporting what is inappropriate based on your social media guidelines.
Active Support We can crawl social media keywords to pick up potential or current customers and provide proactive customer support and reach-out.
Management In order to ensure the efficiency and results of maintaining a social media presence, we can create a PDCA plan for your community management.
Consulting Allow us to provide advice on social media management; we are able to provide consultation from necessary steps for stronger online presence.


Whatever country you wish to endeavor to, localization will always be an important step in order for users to understand and love the product at its full potential. A country such as Japan is especially so, with distinct language and nuances, paired with unwritten cultural norms. adish makes sure to provide the best quality localization that bridges and cultural gaps that may arise through text.

Customer Activation

From app usage, retention and monetization; adish can analyze, consult and perform improvement plans by collecting app data. In order to retain the Japanese market, we apply our knowledge of Japanese customers to provide the best promotion solutions to not only increase users but to create loyal fans.

Service Details

Access Analysis We can track how many times an app is opened, or a user’s engagement in events or campaigns
KPI Settings We are able to set the right KPIs needed for content curation or to increase users
By tracking users retention, we are able to analyze any causes that cause attrition
Funnel Analysis By understanding users activity and process of actions within the app, we are able to identify points of attrition and engagement
App Store Optimization (ASO) Using the knowledge of app store trends, we are able to optimize the app’s visibility in the store to increase opportunities of downloads
Operations We are able to operate engagement functions, such as sending push notifications to users, sending out emails or setting advertisements.