Solving Online
Challenges with

adish was established in 2014, and our values have not changed since. We continue, and will continue, to be an institution to fulfill our mission of creating a “Delight in Every Connection” made on the Internet.

The Internet has no doubt made connecting with other human beings drastically more convenient. We are easily able to share information with each other through online communities and social media, and through our mobile devices, we are constantly connected wherever we go. However, as it is in any day and age, new technologies also bring upon new challenges. For example, social media provides the freedom to users to express hurtful thoughts, with very little consequences due to anonymity and the speed of sharing. Our internet monitoring service makes it possible for such posts to be supervised, allowing for a safer online space.

We believe our purpose in society is to prevent such problems that are caused by online communication, and to create a safe environment where people can access the information they need. Our cyberbullying prevention services start from teaching students and adults on the reality of negative internet usage and providing solutions, such as anonymous bullying reporting. Other services we provide, such as chatbots, customer support and social media management are also based on the concept of solving human needs on the Internet; understanding their feelings and providing the correct information to those in need.

The world will continue to change, but we believe our mission will always be the same. Adapting to the needs and challenges in the online realm, we aim to continue developing products and services as solutions, not only for Japan but also to the rest of the world.

We will continue to serve to provide a safer, happier online environment for all; where there is a “Delight in Every Connection” for generations to come.

CEOHiroki Edo