Towards a society
where being connected
a continuous
source of joy

adish, faithful to its mission of "Delight in Every Connection" has launched a customer relations business with the aim of creating a wholesome and comfortable living environment for its users by solving the issues that stem from being connected online to one another.

Coming from a social background where crimes and cyberbullying were rampant in community sites (today’s social media), I first established adish with the goal of establishing a business to solve the problems that plague the information society. My determination remains unchanged today.

Our current focus is to assist startups in creating new value through Customer Success (the strategy of maximizing customer success).

When dealing with customers, many startups miss growth opportunities due to a lack of human resources or know-how. Supporting start-ups through Customer Success means connecting services to users, which happens to be our mission.

We believe that by helping startups grow, we can contribute to the sustainable growth of the Japanese economy and we aim to be the top partner company in the field of Customer Success in terms of support provided.

Additionally, in order to be of help to customers and society, we intend to continue tackling issues encountered by companies and schools that are related to the new digital economy created by startups.

Through our business, we will continue to ensure that Internet and social media, which have become today’s social infrastructure, can be a wholesome, safe and comfortable place to live.

Looking forward to further contributing to a society in which being connected is a source of joy.

CEOHiroki Edo