Hiroki Edo


After joining Gaiax Co., Ltd. in 2004, Edo created multiple departments and services; internet monitoring for businesses, cyberbullying prevention, and customer support. Following these successes he founded adish Co., Ltd., and is the current CEO.

Akiko Suginohara

Director and Administration Department Head

Suginohara joined Gaiax Co., Ltd. in 2008. After starting up the “School Guardian” division providing cyberbullying prevention services; she joined the foundation of adish Co., Ltd. as a director. She currently also takes the position as head of the administration department.

Masao Ikeya


From 2000, Ikeya built his career in the fields of international trading and manufacturing. In 2009, he joined Gaiax Co. Ltd., helping build the services and sales of internet monitoring for businesses, and customer support. In 2014, together with the foundation of adish Co., Ltd., he joined the board of directors.

Takuma Ishikawa

Director and Business Strategist

Ishikawa was part of one of Japan's largest communications company before he moved to Cresco Communications. After helping create the marketing solution division, he became the department head. The department was acquired by Gaiax Co., Ltd., and together with the creation of adish Co., Ltd., he also joined the board of directors. Up till 2018, he managed the Customer Solution Division, and since has been in charge of the company’s business strategy. He currently also takes the position of CEO at adish plus Co., Ltd..

Toshihiro Yoshikawa

Director and Online Community Division Head

After building his career in customer support in company such as Yahoo, Yoshikawa joined Gaiax Co., Ltd. in 2014. The same year, he joined the newly started adish Co., Ltd. He was the head of the School Guardian Department until April 4, 2018 when he became a director of the company, as well as the head of the Online Community Division.

Hitoshi TaniiExternal Director

In 1996, Tanii joined The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, only to resign the next year and establish the Digital Network Service (DNS) L.P. In 2000, the company was restructured into Infocast, Inc., and sold to Rakuten, Inc. After being renamed to Synergy Marketing Inc., the company was listed in the Osaka Stock Exchange, and bought by Yahoo through a take-over bid. Tanii resigned in 2017, and since spends his time supporting startups. Aside from angel investing, he currently spends half of his time travelling abroad, as well as working as adish’s External Director and the External Director of MarketEnterprise Co., Ltd.

Osamu AkibaStatutory Auditor

Akiba has worked to establish a provider business since 1996 up until 2000, when he transferred to build the support center and infrastructure business for Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd. He later became the information security division head in the same company. In 2012, Akiba became an independent information security consultant. He joined adish in 2015, as the statutory auditor for the company in 2017.

Takashi IizukaExternal Statutory Auditor

Iizuka has worked in companies such as The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Aoyama Audit Firm (later known as PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC), and BNP Paribas Bank since 1985 - working in both Japan and London. In 2005, he established his own company using his knowledge in finance, accounting and tax gained through his experiences.
He became an external statutory auditor for adish in 2017. Iizuka is also a certified accountant and tax accountant, and a graduate of Tsukuba University.

Yasushi MabuchiExternal Statutory Auditor

Since becoming a lawyer in 2002, Mabuchi has gained experience in a wide range of legal cases, from corporate to juvenile law. In 2008, he majored in tax law at Aoyama Gakuin University, and registered as an tax account in 2010. Four years later, he established the MINATO AOYAMA LAW OFFICE, a firm committed in the areas of tax and compliance consulting, as well as child abuse and juvenile cases. In April 2014, he took up the position as an external statutory auditor for adish.